The company


The Aromatic Sicilian, born in 1975 for the contractor's control, in its time, John Sciliberto.

At a distance of more than 30 years after its founding date, the company has become a joint stock company, but it is characterized by a family.
Today the company is led by Luigi Sciliberto continuing the activity founded by his father.


In all these years the Aromatic Sicilian has devoted its entire interest in the marketing of essential oils of very high quality, both in the food sector, in perfumery and cosmetics in general.

It also specializes in the production of “Flavors in Paste” that they are used both in the ice cream sector and in pastry.


This is handcrafted products aromas that can boast “Genuineness” as they contain no preservatives or dyes and are flavored with pure essential oils produced in Sicily, feature not indifferent for the preparation of a good ice cream citrus flavor.

We invite you to enter our world, done “essentially” Quality and cordiality.