Payment methods

Credit card, Postepay, Bank transfer.

Shipping cost

  • € 12,00 on orders from 12 a 20 Kg.
  • € 15,00 on orders from 21 a 30 Kg.
  • € 25,00 on orders from 31 a 100 Kg.

minimum order qty

Minimum 12 Kg. (In packs from cc. 500 1Lt/Kg)

General conditions of Sale

  1. the goods travel for the account and risk of the buyer even if sold carriage
  2. Packaging and shipping cost
  3. after 8 days from receipt of the goods does not accept claims
  4. Payments of any kind and for any reason should be made at the residence of the seller. No payments are paid to third parties except under power of attorney
  5. The invoices are considered accepted if within 8 days
  6. The signing of the order of commission involves implicit acceptance of all the terms of sale
  7. The delay in payment entitles the seller to stand out is to balance the right to have
  8. In case of dispute the jurisdiction of the Court of Messina
Although not specifically predetermined reference is made to the provisions of the Civil Code and the laws governing the matter