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Aroma used for the preparation of Brioches, Croissants and puff pastry.

Format of 30ml and 50ml for home use.

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Someone calls them Croissants, others call them Brioches but they are actually Cornetti. This is not the important thing because the Brioches aroma is the perfect ingredient for making this breakfast dessert, to give it that citrusy taste, and feel the fragrance on the palate.

In Sicily, Aroma Brioches is widely used for the preparation of Brioches with tuppo, typical dessert that accompanies the granita, in summer and winter.


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DOSAGE : One drop or one teaspoon per liter of preparation / mixture, it is the small quantities that should be sufficient to reveal the true taste of the aroma!

STORAGE: After opening, keep refrigerated following the instructions on the label.

REGULATION: Natural aromatic preparation

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30ml, 50ml